Ingrams Service Center, LLC is a PDOT official inspection station for all vehicles including Heavy Duty Truck Inspections.
All motor vehicles must pass a number of inspection requirements established by The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PDOT) in order to be registered in that state. The point of state inspections vary depending on the type of automobile you own. Ingrams Service Center, LLC, is an official PDOT inspection station. When you bring your car to our auto repair shop, you can expect nothing but honest, reliable, affordable and friendly service.

Safety inspections play an essential role in the prevention of traffic accidents and fatalities. By identifying and removing unsafe automobiles from the road, potential crashes are being avoided. Pennsylvania requires vehicles to pass safety inspections to ensure that they are properly maintained for safe operation. On-time state inspections can prevent vehicle failure that could result in injuries or death.

Ingrams Service Center, LLC
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